About Corowa Rotary Federation Markets

From September 2014 the Rotary Club took over the running of the Federation Market from the Federation Festival Committee, which due to falling number of helpers handed in its section 355 committee of Council and accepted the offer of the Rotary Club to have them run the market, Federation Festival Activities and B & S Ball over the Australia Day weekend.


The Rotary Club has started to reinvigorate the market, by firstly adding a Farmers Market section, which it is hoped will bring a new group of visitors to the market. 


By attracting more visitors it is also hoped that the existing stallholders will see an upturn in their business as well.


As the success of the market grows we plan to attract new stallholders selling a wider range of quality goods.


Another change visitors to the market will notice is that on market days the Rotary Club erects a temporary fence around the market leaving only two entry points, at each end of the main path through Bangerang Park.  At each entry point we will ask visitors for a gold coin donation for entry.  All funds raised from the entry will go towards funding the entertainment and fireworks over the Australia Day weekend and improving market facilities.  The erection of shade sails in 2015, was made partly out of market receipts and partly out of Club funds, which is not only a benefit to the market, but to those who use the park at other times.


Our philosophy is to provide a quality and fun market for locals and visitors.  Our farmers market provides local and regional food, fresh from the producer and local crafts are made with love and care.